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From top left, James Jackson Sr., James Jackson Jr, Chon Jackson, and Patricia Jackson

And He said to them, "Go to all the world and preach the gospel to every created thing. And to all that believes and is baptized will be saved.....!" Mark 16:15-16

 WEBOARDCASTONLINE.COM is an extension of J&J Broadcasting Inc. which is a family owned and operated business with a gospel radio station. We have obligated ourselves to spreading God’s message of love by way of music and God’s preached word through broadcasting over the radio airwaves. As a family, we’ve experienced some pressing times and difficult struggles along this journey but God has seen us through them all. In the late 90’s James Jackson, the founder and visionary, dreamed of owning a gospel radio station and the Lord abundantly supplied the resources and the provisions to make the dream a reality. The family worked tirelessly and put forth a valiant effort into making the radio station a great success. Everyone in the city of Hartsville, SC was excited about the up and coming radio station. Sunshine 1490 WTNI “Your Station for the Gospel” became a household name throughout the Pee Dee region. James Jackson better known as “Brother Jay” achieved the goal of putting Hartsville, SC on the map. He is a people’s person and is humbled at the fact that God had granted him this opportunity to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ though radio broadcasting. Patricia Jackson, the General Manager, was very dedicated to the day to day operations of the radio station. She and her sister, Annie Lester, spent countless hours with sales, scheduling events and they carried out other needs of the radio station. Patricia better known as “PJ” was also involved in TV commercials promoting the radio station and soon became the face of WTNI. For over 15 years, she fulfilled her role and responsibilities providing hard work and dedication to promoting the radio station making it a great success. J&J Broadcasting Inc. received numerous awards and recognitions, just to name a few, a public service award from the Air Force Recruiting Services, Community Service award from the NAACP and recognitions from the MALACO Records Music Group. They are blessed with three 3 children, Chon Jackson, James L. Jackson, and Rodney Jackson. Chon began working for the station at the early age of 17 as a radio announcer. Her passion for music and singing resulted in her becoming more involved. She started first by doing radio commercials and occasionally being a guest on air. She is now the founder and visionary of GIRL POWER which is an organization geared towards encouraging and empowering women and young ladies. Lorenzo and Rodney were young and in middle school but their dedication were equally shown. They helped with the up keep of the radio station and following their father’s footsteps later becoming more engaged with radio broadcasting. Now, Lorenzo works hard at making WEBROACASTONLINE.COM a great success by pouring his heart and soul into the technical side of the online radio station. He brings to the internet radio station years of experience in the ministry. His heart is to serve the kingdom God by being involved with many different Christian organizations that helps our homeless brothers and sisters, mentoring young men, Brotherhood Programs and helping in many other organizations. Rodney, who is now the promotional director brings to the table his skills and gift of networking. He is indeed a people person and he shared his gift with us by advertising through social media and day to day socialization. Rodney’s goal in life is to work hard and maintain a positive attitude toward life and the challenges it may bring. The Family as a whole has come together making contacts with record labels, music media groups, ministries and marketing the company’s brand to accomplish our goal. It is our mission here at WEBROADCASTONLINE.COM to continue spreading the good news through the word of God, religious programming, and inspirational music throughout the internet. With the power of the internet we can reach a global audience. We are determined to do our best to encourage, inspire and render services to every listener!


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